Unstoppable Stacey Travel Blog

The Client

Stacey doesn’t let age, gender or family stop her from traveling – She can’t stop exploring the world (She blames it on her father’s Viking blood) and write about her adventures – many as a solo traveler. Her life might look rosy to you, but it hasn’t always been. She lost her firecracker reasoning skill to head injury in a horrific accident that should have taken her life. Since she finds joy in – and has written books about – spiritual travel and pilgrimage, she’s earned the title spiritual adventurer.

The Project

Unstoppable Stacey wanted to take her travel-writing career to the next level. That meant migrating a lot of existing Blogspot posts to a new WordPress website loaded with blogging features and power. In addition to an eye-catching slider showing recent posts, the site includes social media integration and great-looking pop-ups. User involvement features include newsletter subscription, share-this-post buttons, and post comments. Stacey took her training seriously and runs a fantastic blog that grows each and every month.

The Services

Blog, Branding, Custom Programming, Custom Theme Design, Favicon Design, Logo Design, Search Engine Optimization, Site Maintenance Service, Web Design, Web Hosting, Website Updates, WordPress Integration

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